Challenge 1 Program

List of Challenge 1 Program

Ah So
Alter the Wave
Beaus and Belles Naming Convention Block Formation
Butterfly Formation / Concept
Cast Back / Cross Cast Back
Chain Reaction (from all appropriate formations) Checkover
Circle By
Chase Your Neighbor Cross Your Neighbor
Concentric Concept
Counter Rotate
Cross and Turn / Reverse Cross and Turn Cross By
Cross Chain Thru / Cross Chain and Roll Cross Extend
Cross Roll to a Wave/Line
Diamond Chain Thru variation: (Anything) Chain Thru Dixie Diamond
Dixie Sashay
Flip the Line (1/4, 1/2, 3/4, Full) Follow Thru
Follow Your Neighbor variations:
Galaxy Formation / Galaxy Circulate Cut the Galaxy
Flip the Galaxy
Interlocked Diamond Formation: Interlocked Diamond Circulate Cut/Flip the Interlocked Diamond
Linear Action
Magic Column Formation / Concept Make Magic
O Formation / Concept
Pass the Axle / The Axle
Phantom Formation / Concept Press Ahead
Recycle variations: All 8 Recycle
2/3 Recycle Split/Box RecycleRegroup
Relay the Shadow
Relay the Top
Reverse Explode (from waves)

Rotary Spin
Rotate Family (From squared set only at C-1) Rotate / Reverse Rotate
Single Rotate / Reverse Single Rotate
Scatter Scoot / Scatter Scoot Chain Thru Scoot and Little / Little
Scoot and Plenty / Plenty
Scoot and Ramble / Ramble
Siamese Concept
Spin The Windmill variation:
(Anything) the Windmill Split Square Thru variations:
Split Square Chain the Top Split Dixie Style to a Wave Split Dixie Diamond
Square Chain the Top
Square the Bases
Squeeze the Galaxy Squeeze the Hourglass
Step and Flip
Step and Fold
Stretch Concept
Swing and Circle (1/4, 1/2, 3/4, Full) Swing the Fractions
Switch the Line
Switch to an Interlocked Diamond T-Bone Formation
(Any Tagging Call) Back to a Wave
Flip Back
Tag Back to a Wave Vertical Tag Back to a Wave
Tally Ho
Tandem Concept
3 by 2 Acey Deucey
Triangle Formation / Triangle Circulate Inpoint/Inside/Outpoint/Outside Triangles Tandem-Based/Wave-Based Triangles
Triple Box/Column/Line/Wave Concept Twist the Line / Twist and (Anything) Vertical Tag (1/4, 1/2, 3/4, Full) (Anything) to a Wave
Wheel and (Anything) /
Reverse Wheel and (Anything) Wheel Fan Thru
With The Flow