List of Basic Moves (1 – 51)

List of Basic Movement

There are 51 Basic Movements in Square Dancing as shown  below:

Click on any Number for full description and illustration of this Move.

Basic Program Part 1
1.Circle Left /Circle Right
2.Forward & Back
3.Dosado/Dosado to a Wave
5.Circulate Family
6.Allemande Left
7.Arm Turns
8.Right & Left Grand Family
9.Left-Hand Star/Right Hand Star
10.Pass Thru
11.Half Sashay Family 
12.Turn Back Family
14.Split Two
15.Courtesy Turn
16.Ladies Chain Family 
17.Do Paso
18.Lead Right
19.Veer Left / Veer Right
20.Bend the Line
21.Circulate Family
22.Left and Right Thru
23.Grand Square
24.Star Thru
25.California Twirl
26.Walk around the Corner
27.See Saw 
28.Square Thru
29.Circle to a Line
30.Dive Thru

Basic Program Part 2
31.Wheel Around
32.Thar Family
33.Slip the Clutch
34.Shoot the Star 
35.Box the Gnat
36.Trade Family
37.Ocean Wave Family
38.Alamo Style
39.Swing Thru/Left Swing Thru
40.Run/Cross Run
41.Pass the Ocean
43.Wheel & Deal
44.Double Pass Thru
45. First Couple Go Left/Right
47.Flutterwheel/Reverse Flutterwheel
48.Sweep a Quarter
49.Trade By
50.Touch 1/4
51.Ferris Wheel