AGM 2015 Minutes & Reports

Papers from the 2015 AGM, Minutes, Chairman’s report, Treasurer’s report and the combined section reports.


Held on 15th October 2015 at Nash Mills Village Hall

1.  Welcome and Apologies

The meeting commenced at 9.05pm with Dave Greenwood welcoming everybody.  There were 49 members present.

Committee Present

Dave Greenwood   Chair

Mick West  Treasurer

Norman Machell   Beginners’ Rep

Elena Hadaway   Mainstream Rep

Andrew Agathangelou  Plus Rep

Cathy Walway Plus Rep

Linda Gill   Advanced & Challenge Rep

Simon Kelly for Susie   Callers’ Rep


Thelma Bartley, Ann Bunn, Janet Clarke, Alan & Jean Jackson, Susie Kelly, Jenny & Terry Thirlwell

2.  Minutes of AGM held on 16th October 2014

These were accepted unanimously as a true record of the meeting.

3.  Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.

4.  Chair Report (attached)

Dave Greenwood drew attention to the continuing success of Tudor Squares which is partly due to the range of callers enabling the club to offer dancing through from Beginners to Challenge. The club has 107 members, including 13 Beginners who will graduate in December.

Mention was made of Debbie Peel’s excellent teaching of her first group of Beginners as well as Becky’s maintenance of Mainstream by calling during Phil’s illness, again a first for her. Phil is now back and calling more challenging moves.

The activities during the year were mentioned including the additional Golden Summer Dance in June, and the Dinner Dance in May.

Thanks were extended to the organisers of the various club activities:

  • Plus Dance, October.              Andrew Agathangelou
  • New Year’s Eve dance.           Mainly committee members, with special thanks to Susie Kelly for the quiz
  • Mainstream Dance, March.     Paul Godley
  • Spring walk, April.                   Grant Thorne and Ann Reardon
  • Dinner Dance, May.                Thelma Bartley & Jennifer Bates
  • Golden Summer, June.           Mick West
  • Barbeque, June.                      Committee ,Susie, Simon and Andrew
  • Outing, July.                            Andrew Agathangelou

Finally thanks were given to all those who helped to keep the club running week by week, for members’ enthusiastic participation, and to the callers, without whom the square dancing could not take place.


5.  Treasurer’s Report (attached)

Mick distributed copies of the Balance Sheet as at year end 31st August 2015.

  • Beginners made a loss which was acceptable to recruit new members
  • Mainstream and Plus both made a profit – Mainstream £860, Plus £2060
  • Advanced made a small profit of £180
  • Challenge made a loss but this was felt to be justified in order to keep top level dancers dancing.

The Balance Sheet showed a surplus of £148, down from £1700 but this was accounted for by fewer members and contributions to charity work.

Next year, with the January Winter Extravaganza in aid of prostate cancer, Mick predicted an overall loss in the region of £1500. This is able to be covered by the assets we hold.  However, as fees cover hall, caller and refreshments, Mick proposed no alteration in weekly or annual subs.


There were no questions arising from the Treasurer’s Report.  Acceptance of the accounts was proposed by Michael Ginger, seconded by Jo Webb and carried unanimously.

6.  Section Reports (attached)

  1. Beginners
  2. Mainstream
  3. Plus
  4. A1 and A2
  5. C1
  6. There was nothing to report from the callers’ rep.

7.  Other Reports (included in Chairman’s Report)

New Year’s Eve Party


Dinner Dance



8.  Election of Officers and

9.  Election of Committee

Simon Kelly took over as temporary Chairman.

Single nominations had been received for all posts.  It was suggested that all serving committee members be elected en bloc, with the exception of Elena Hadaway and Cathy Walwyn who were elected separately. Carole Ross proposed the election of the serving committee and Shirley Steadman seconded this.

Elena Hadaway will be sole representative for Mainstream but will be supported by Brian and Pauline O’Ready. Cathy Walwyn will represent Plus. This was proposed by Michael Ginger and seconded by Carole Ross.

Both proposals were carried unanimously.


Chair Dave Greenwood

Secretary Andrew Agathangelou

Treasurer Mick West


Beginners Norman Machell

Mainstream Elena Hadaway

Plus             Cathy Walwyn

A/C1 Linda Gill

Callers’ Rep Susie Kelly

10.  Annual Subscription & Weekly Fees

These will remain the same for the coming year.

11.  Any Other Business

On behalf of members, Linda Tomkinson thanked Jenny Thirlwell and Andrew Agathangelou for their services as reps to Mainstream and Plus respectively.

It was suggested that anyone who hadn’t already looked at The Tudor Squares website should do so. Terry Thirlwell has consistently and ably kept the site updated with photos and information about activities.

The meeting was reminded about a special dance on 23rd April next year when we have world renowned Australian caller, Brian Hotchkies. This will be instead of our March Mainstream dance and will celebrate 30 years of Tudor Squares. The dance is expected to be a sell-out so people were urged to buy their tickets asap.

Simon Kelly presented a certificate to Paul Beddall who, along with 7 other dancers, had completed 3 days of intensive Plus tuition. Paul had not been around to receive it previously.

Simon Kelly informed everyone that Jack Dimmer was critically ill. (Sadly he died the following morning.)

The meeting finished at 9.50pm.

Chairman’s Report  

Tudor Squares Annual General Meeting 15 October 2015

Tudor Squares continues to be one of the biggest and most successful square dance clubs in the UK. This is in large part due to the range of callers who provide their services to the club week by week, enabling the club to offer dancing from Beginners through to Challenge.

Nevertheless, the club is dependent on the membership to enable the club as a whole and each section in particular to thrive. At the last count the club had 107 members spread across the sections, including 13 Beginners who started to learn square dancing in October 2014, who will be graduating in December.

Debbie Peel has done brilliantly, persevering with teaching the moves and retaining the dancers, particularly as this has been her first group of Beginners. Becky did a great job keeping Mainstream going during Phil’s prolonged illness. And it’s been good to see Phil back on the stage challenging the Mainstream dancers with more complicated figures.

Members’ enthusiasm and the expertise of callers have meant that the club has been able to run and host three public dances, plus club socials and a variety of non-dance activities.

Unusually, the club held three dances during the year rather than the usual two. In addition to the Plus and Mainstream dances, in October and March respectively, Tudor Squares also held a Golden Summer dance in June, having won a GSI UK golden ticket. Each of these dances attracted around 70 dancers.

The lead organiser for each of these dances was Andrew Agathangelou (Plus), Paul Godley (Mainstream) and Mick West (Golden Summer), supported by numerous club members.

Other events included the:

New Year’s Eve party – There was plenty of time for the 40 people who attended to dance, socialise and have a fun evening. While committee members organised the event, particular mention should be made of Susie Kelly who not only organised the calling but also prepared the quiz.

Spring Walk, 25 April – For another year Ann Reardon and Grant Thorne organised a spring walk, which was a walk through Tring Park, beginning and ending at The Greyhound, in Wigginton.  Walkers were able to immerse themselves in the historic parkland and enjoy the landscape.  A record 35 people attended, with 31 staying for an excellent lunch at the pub afterwards.

Dinner Dance, 9 May – After several years without a dinner dance, Jennifer Bates and Thelma Bartley bravely volunteered to arrange one. Their planning paid off with 65 members arriving at Hemel Hempstead Football Club for a three course dinner, followed by dancing called by Susie & Simon Kelly.  People’s feedback was very positive, suggesting there should be another dinner dance in a couple of years.

Barbecue, 21 June – Although numbers were relatively small, two squares, it was a good opportunity for members to relax on a sunny, early summer afternoon and enjoy some dancing, called by Susie & Simon Kelly and Andrew Agathangelou. Members brought their own food with the club providing baguettes, cheese and cup cakes, made by Nicki Cerys.

Summer outing, 12 July – Again Andrew Agathangelou organised the trip, this year to Hampton Court, with 39 members enjoying a relaxing day out, exploring the house and gardens of this historic royal palace. The visit was followed by a dance plus buffet tea at Hogsmill Squares. Members were welcomed by Granville and Wendy Spencer, with Granville calling and Wendy organising the hospitality. The day also included an unscheduled mystery tour on south west London!

The committee plan the club’s annual programme, ensure that the club is solvent and organise the sections’ dances and club socials, so without them the club wouldn’t function. Therefore, I’d like to thank my fellow committee members for all their hard work throughout the year. However, the committee can’t do everything. So, I’d also like to thank members of the club for their preparedness to undertake the weekly tasks that enable our sessions to run smoothly, for their initiative and willingness to organise events for the benefit of all club members and people’s enthusiastic participation in the club’s activities.

Finally, may I take this opportunity to thank all the callers for their commitment to sustaining square dancing and to this club, and you all personally for your support throughout the past year.

Tudor Squares AGM 15/10/15 – Section reports


There are 14 people in the group: 8 ladies, 3 men and 3 ladies dancing as men. This means that, on a good night when everyone is present, we need 2 “angels” dancing as men to make up 2 squares. The main people who have helped us are Michael Ginger, Paul Beddall and Barbara Jones, although quite a few other more advanced dancers have also assisted from time to time.

The group is ably led by Michael and our Caller, Debbie Peel. To date, we have learned all 51 moves in the Basic programme, parts 1 and 2, and 12 of the 17 Mainstream moves. We feel that we have all managed quite well and, indeed, have been so informed by Michael, Debbie and others. It is hoped that the group will be able to graduate just before Christmas. The members of the group get on very well and there is now talk of doing something together socially, perhaps a walk or a meal or, indeed, both.

On Saturday 11 July we held an open Basic and Mainstream dance in Gadebridge. The evening was very well organised by Michael, ably assisted by all the group members who were able to attend. We were able to have 3 squares, made up of 9 Beginners, quite a few Mainstream and some visiting dancers. Everyone agreed that the evening was a great success and that we should hold another dance in the New Year, perhaps sometime near Easter.


Having started to call Mainstream last autumn, Phil Peel became seriously ill and was unable to call for four months. During this time Becky Peel stepped in the call every Thursday and really rose to the occasion, with her caller skills blossoming.

Having eased himself back into calling since returning in March, Phil has stretched dancers with faster tips and more complicated moves, which is raising the standard of dancing. Also, each evening, one or two tips have been offered to Andrew Agathangelou and Becky Peel, giving them more experience of calling and the dancers an opportunity to hear different voices. In addition, at the beginning of August, Andrew, of his own volition, ran a workshop focused on more difficult moves.

We normally have 2/3 squares, so when the Beginners graduate in December they will swell the numbers, which will be good both for dancers and callers alike.

Particular thanks to Jenny Thirlwell for being section representative for the past two years.


The Plus section of the club continues to thrive, with at least three squares dancing and sometimes four.  It is noted that a number of the Plus dancers will now only dance Plus, and not Mainstream, and therefore sometimes struggle to execute some of the Mainstream calls due to lack of practise.

The success of the Plus section has in all probability, been at the expense of the Mainstream section of the club, as some of the Plus dancers no longer regularly attend the Mainstream. This will have to be monitored, particularly as there are another 6 Mainstream dancers attending the Plus workshops, who will soon be joining the Plus section.

It remains an objective to encourage some of the more able and willing Plus dancers to learn the A1 and A2 programme, so that they can progress to the Advanced section of the club. As soon as there are sufficient dancers available, consideration should be given to teach them the Advanced programme.


Of the 30 dancers in the group, 7 are also members of the Challenge section.

We dance at Gadebridge on a Friday evening and are grateful to our Callers, Trudy & Simon Fielding and our Tape Leader Alan Jackson for the interesting choreography and fun evenings they provide for us.

Dancers have attended several square dance holidays and weekends throughout the year. All Club events have had attendees from the section.

Particular thanks to Jean & Alan Jackson and Michael Ginger who help me with the smooth running the section.


We dance at Kings Langley Community Centre on a Tuesday evening and there are currently 13 dancers in the group.

Throughout the year most of us have attended square dance weekends and holidays specialising in the “C” Programme.  In January we held our own day of dance with Caller Bronc Wise from USA; our thanks to Michael Ginger who organised this. Group members have attended and enjoyed all Club events throughout the year.

Sadly this year we said “Goodbye” to one of our Callers, Roy Stillwell. Roy taught most of us to dance C1 and made the journey from Sussex once a month for 7 years. Last winter, Roy decided that the travelling had become too onerous. He left us bearing gifts and our eternal thanks. We will miss him, particularly at special Club events where he always called.

The group thanks Trudy & Simon Fielding and our Tape Leader Alan Jackson, Nancy & Angus MacIver who provide us with refreshments and Michael Ginger who is the key-holder for the hall.

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