Tudor Squares Graduation January 2019

Tudor Squares Students Graduation –January 2019


The Tudor Squares Graduation took place at Nash Mills Village Hall on 17th January 2019 with around 40 members including the new graduates present.

Debbie Peel, plus resident ‘angels’ Michael Ginger and Daphne Smith had taken them through the Basic and Mainstream programmes, and rehearsed all the moves in the preceding thirteen months. They had recently gained more experience by dancing with the Mainstream group, first having a half hour dedicated tuition.

The students were formally welcomed into Mainstream, although they had been dancing with the group for a few weeks. This had helped to ease them into the faster pace and more complicated choreography of a Mainstream evening. The dancing was called by Debbie, while Phil Peel, the regular Mainstream caller was on hand to provide support. 

The focal point of the evening was the graduation ceremony when everyone listened to the Four Corners poem being read by different dancers. Then the students were presented with their certificates by Debbie and a complimentary copy of Let’s Square Dance and the Directory.

Barbara Scott representing the BAASDC presented each student with a letter from the President of the BAASDC , Susan Ellis, congratulating them on successfully completing their initial training and welcoming them to the world of Square Dancing. After this everyone was encouraged to keep square dancing alive by promoting it to friends, and a celebration fruit cake was cut and eaten. 

Jenny Thirlwell

Tudor Squares