Tudor Squares SDC Constitution

Constitution of Tudor Squares Square Dance Club


  1. The name of the club shall be “Tudor Squares Square Dance Club”. 
  2. The club will maintain a membership of The British Association of Square Dance Clubs (BAASDC), or other such association it considers to hold similar aims to, and the best interests of, Tudor Squares Square Dance Club.


  1. The aim of the club is to promote American Square Dancing and other social activities in Hemel Hempstead, the Borough of Dacorum and surrounding districts.
  2. The club will endeavour to provide weekly ‘Club Nights’ for each proficiency level of Square Dancing. 
  3. As proficiency levels of its members increase, or additional requirements for members are identified, the club will do all in its power to provide weekly sessions for those members providing such sessions as are cost-effective for the club. The committee may agree to under-write any such sessions for an agreed period of not more than one year. Each subsequent committee may decide to extend any such period providing each extension does not pass the next AGM.
  4. Each of these levels will be known as a ‘Section’ of the club; for example: Mainstream, Plus, A, C, Rounds, etc.
  5. The club shall employ callers and cuers as required to provide the necessary training and facilities in which to undertake its activities. The fees for such callers and cuers will be agreed by the committee.

Membership and Fees

  1. Membership is open to all persons wishing to participate in its activities.
  2. Voting rights for members are subject to the member having graduated and having paid the annual membership fee.
  3. The annual membership fee will be set at the AGM for the following year and is due immediately thereafter.
  4. Other fees, including those paid for Club Nights, shall be set by the committee.
  5. There will be two levels of Club Night fees: for fully, paid-up members and for visitors.
  6. All regular Callers and Tape Leaders, plus their partners, are automatic full members of the club with all the benefits enjoyed by other fully paid up members. To be classed as regular a Caller/Tape Leader must call at least an average of 10 times a year

Organisation and Administration

  1. The club affairs will be administered by a committee.
  2. The committee will consist of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and one member representing each of the permanent sections of the club.
  3. The committee shall be elected at the AGM.
  4. The positions of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer will be elected by the membership attending the AGM.
  5. The representatives for each section shall be proposed by the members regularly attending that section and such proposal must be submitted in writing to the current chairman at least 21 days before the AGM.
  6. These people will be duly elected at the AGM.
  7. In the event of more than one person being proposed from any section a vote of the full membership attending the AGM will be undertaken to elect the representative.
  8. Other officer positions such as Vice-Chair and PRO will be assigned to the elected representatives at the first committee meeting following the AGM or immediately after the AGM has taken place.
  9. No member of the committee may serve more than ten consecutive years. Eligibility for re-election shall be restored after 1 year.
  10. No member of the committee may receive any payment whether in money or kind.
  11. Small gifts such as chocolates, ‘flowers’ and the like may be accepted when presented at official functions as a “thank you” for services and loyalty.
  12. Meetings of the committee will be held as often as is necessary to conduct the proper running of the club. 
  13. The Quorum for committee meetings will be 50%.
  14. The chairman shall only have a casting vote to be used in the event of a tie when any motion is put to the vote.
  15. Additional members may be co-opted to assist the committee according to the needs of the club. These co-opted members will not have voting rights at any committee meeting they may attend.
  16. An Annual General Meeting will be held each year within 4 months from the end of the Financial Year and generally in October in order to:
  • Report on Club activities.
  • Present a statement of accounts and record of income and expenditure.
  • Elect the committee.
  • Other business as being notified in writing to the chairman at least 28 days before the date of the AGM.
  1. 4 weeks notice of the date of the AGM will be posted on the Web site and given to each section of the club to pass on to its members.
  2. The quorum for the AGM shall be 20% of the membership with voting rights.
  3. The committee must at all times do all in its power to ensure that the ideals and aims as set out in this constitution are maintained.
  4. An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) may be called at any time by the committee, or upon 28 days’ notice given to an officer of the committee in writing and signed by at minimum of 10% of the membership. An EGM can only deal with items on the EGM agenda. The quorum for the EGM shall be 20% of the membership with voting rights.


  1. The club will maintain a financial year of: 1st September to 31st August.
  2. A Bank Account will be maintained with under the name of Tudor Squares Square Dance Club.
  3. Other accounts may be opened, maintained and closed according to the needs of the club.
  4. Each account maintained by the club will have a minimum of two signatories for all transactions from the accounts.
  5. No two members of the same household or family may be sole signatories on any account maintained by Tudor Squares Square Dance Club.
  6. All monies received will be paid into the Bank Account or other such accounts as may be deemed appropriate held by the club, with the exception that the Treasurer may keep a cash float at his or her discretion according to the needs of the club.
  7. Accurate records of income and expenditure will be kept and be available for inspection by any member, giving reasonable notice.
  8. A statement of accounts as agreed and signed by the committee will be available for inspection each year at The Annual General Meeting. A copy will be issued to any member upon request.
  9. The hire of the hall, the payment of any professional instructors’ fees, all licences, insurances and other expenditures in relation to the club will be provided by club funds.


  1. If the committee believe that the club or any member is detracting from the aims and ideals as set out within this constitution or the rules of the club it may take the necessary actions it believes should be taken to ensure that these ideals and aims are maintained for the benefit of the members as a whole and the club as a whole.
  2. In the event of the club folding-up or ceasing to be a Square Dance Club within the aims set out above all monies remaining, or realised from the sale of any assets or equipment owned by the club, after the payment of all outstanding debts, fees etc., will be donated to the BAASDC.

Accepted by the AGM held on the 3rd October 2019

This constitution supersedes that agreed at the AGM 16th October 2008 and all previous Constitutions.