Welcome to  TUDOR SQUARES Square Dancing Club Web site.

Tudor Squares currently has over 100 members making it one of the largest square dance clubs in the country.  

However we are now facing an uncertain future as Covid 19 is preventing us from enjoying our usual dancing activities. 

Our Beginners group had almost completed learning all the programme of moves and would have soon been already to graduate.

When we are able to resume dancing all of us will need a period of refreshing / relearning.

Some of us have been trying the Plus level Virtual Dancing that Kevin Lovell has been running – it isn’t easy trying to dance with six ghosts in your square!

As to the future – I do hope dancers will return when we are able to resume and with the help of our callers will soon enjoy dancing again.  I’m sure that great deal of refreshing will be needed for both callers and dancers.

Regards Jenny

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