About Us

Welcome to the TUDOR SQUARES Square Dancing Club Web site.


Tudor Squares Square Dance Club is where you can enjoy learning and taking part in American Square Dancing.

We are located in the Hemel Hempstead area, and meet in local Halls and Community centres.

Tudor Squares members enjoy the regular program of meetings during the week and also the special Dances at weekends.
We have several Groups who dance at different Program levels, Commencing with the Beginners, and progress onto Mainstream , Plus, Advanced, and Challenge 1

The Dancing is interactive and takes place with eight people in a square.

Each couple or pair of couples follow moves ‘called’ in a pattern; these moves are normally progressive around the square; each lady dances with each man. Single people can join a square and dance with others.

Each year we hold Beginners Classes, where we will be promoting recruitment of a new group of students who’ll start learning to square dance. Starting at the end of January 2018 ,  attached is a flyer which includes all the details of the Beginners Classes.


Contact us for more details or Check our News and Diary pages for more information.